Home Fit 30

Home Fit 30 is 100% equipment free and all of the routines are suitable for a home environment.

The program consists of cardio, ab, strength and endurance routines and they’re carefully balanced so that it keeps you on track and motivated.


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My name is Sami Hossny and I’m an online transformation coach. I help people from all over the world create the personalized fitness and nutrition lifestyle they need to live their best life!

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Success Stories

Dobromir Transformation
Lost 15 kg fat in the 90 days transformation program.
Villy Transformation
Lost 7 kg after going through the 90 days transformation program.
Sheriff Transformation
Lost 12 kg in the 90 days transformation program.


What People Say

Yasen Yanev
"I have spent all of my adult life dieting on and off; dieting & exercising hard to lose it and then eating just as hard to put it all back on, and then some!
Completing the 90 day plan has been a game-changer in educating me on what food I need to fuel my body effectively and what exercise I need to do to maximise results in the shortest time possible."
Sherif Eldin
“Sami’s 90 Day Plan has really helped give me the confidence in knowing what to eat and when, as well as helping me to banish any kind of food guilt I used to get if I ate or drank something that was "off-plan".
It has also taught me not to focus on the number on the scales and as someone that used to weigh myself every day, this has been one of the biggest changes! I have really learned to tune into how I am feeling physically instead."
Aleksandra Yaneva
"With regards to how my body and general health feel, when I started the plan in comparison to when I finished, physically I feel so much more awake and energised. I never feel drained like I used too when I was snacking on crisps and chocolate. To anyone feeling anxious about starting a diet plan or worried they won’t make it don’t be!!!"
Vladimir V.
“The 90-day plan was the lifestyle change I really needed, the food plan is amazing. I considered the 90-day plan for a while, and after a few months decided to take the plunge!! Best thing I ever did!! I’m so impressed with my transformation! Would 100% recommend this plan to anyone!!”
Tatjana K.
“The 90-day plan was exactly what I needed. The workouts were easy to follow and my favorites (although the hardest) were those in month 3, I love the mix of bodyweight and weighted exercises and these will be my go-to workouts post plan. I would certainly recommend, for anyone sitting on the fence about buying the plan, go do it!!”
Austin Dean
"I have really enjoyed my 90 days on the plan, from the exercises to the meals on each month I have learned so much about the types of food that fuel your body depending on whether it’s a workout or rest day. The exercises were amazing and even with my busy lifestyle, I managed to do 5 workouts a week and enjoy them. I can’t recommend the plan enough and if you follow it you will see results."
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